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There are over 5500 individual page images of books, letters, memos, photos, reports, and other records stored in this archive. Each document can be accessed in several different ways. There is currently a chronologic index that is broken down by major time periods, a document type index that separates the books from the memos, letters, etc., another index that sorts the documents by the organizations that created them and an index that lists every document.

Each document has been assigned a unique 5 digit ID number and each page in each document is numbered sequentially. The actual image file for each page in the archive combines these two ID numbers in the following format: d00001p001.png. If you know the document and page number you want to access, you can go directly to that page by entering the information in the Jump to Document field below.

Above the image on each page, you will see notes that explain the document's historical significance. Individual pages in the archives may also contain additional notes if they contain information that is especially noteworthy. Some pages have been included in Guided Tours which are collections of images from different documents that have been linked together to walk visitors through specific topics.

In addition to the searching methods described above, we have provided a page highlighting the MAGIC messages, a collection of electronic intercepts between Imperial Japan and its embassies and consulates that were intercepted and decoded by the U.S. Army Signal Intelligence Service from late 1940 through the end of WW II.

Excerpts from MAGIC: The Untold Story by David D. Lowman

Click here for an introduction to the MAGIC messages and other MAGIC related intelligence.

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