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November 29, 2017  

A NATIONAL DISGRACE -- The Story of the Japanese Evacuation From the West Coast During WW II, Based on Contemporary Evidence Not Racial Demagoguery

March 11, 2012  

Utah House Concurrent Resolution 5

    During Utah’s 2012 legislative session House Concurrent Resolution 5 was passed and signed by the governor. Ostensibly it was to designate February 18, 2012 as Congressional Gold Medal Day for Certain Veterans. What it turned out to be was an error-filled discourse condemning the United States for operating “infamous concentration camps” and classifying citizens as “enemy aliens” followed by a grossly exaggerated and sometimes incredible account of Japanese American service during WW II. The resolution is a classic example of the use of victimhood to gain recognition for otherwise unrealistic or mythical achievements. The State of Utah thus becomes an unwitting source of historic, political propaganda. This annotated copy of House Concurrent Resolution 5 describes many of its errors and provides links to sources that correct the historical record.
April 11, 2007  

Affirmative Action Medals of Honor

March 15, 2007  

Bainbridge Island Japanese American Memorial Ignores Wartime Realities

August 14, 2002  

Critique of the Smithsonian Institution's Exhibit: "A More Perfect Union: Japanese Americans and the U.S. Constitution"